New Portal & Blog Upated!

2008-09-19 19:48:53 by Studio-X

Well I've Decided to Open a new Portal :D

OMG Its a Ninja is its name!
And it Launches October 05th 2008!

SO now i hope for Success AND a new Popular Portal!!!

ALSO, 2Dum2Kno (A.K.A My Blog) Has been re opened and re designed!!!!!!

:) now it seems like im babbling to much :/

New Portal & Blog Upated!

Studio-X Portal Online

2008-04-29 23:04:08 by Studio-X

My Portal is online!
Now I just need more content!!!!!!


Theres the link check it out!!!

Well I Offically Hate PHP/MySQL

2008-03-05 22:39:56 by Studio-X

LOL The Title Says it all,
right now im currently coding my animation/game portal, and damn PHP wont commuinicte with MySQL

So in other words!!!!!

if anyone can help or is willing to, i will credit and possibly pay for the amount of work you do~!

And so, you will be a Co-Admin on the site aswell!

Please PM me if interested!

First Game Sponsored (Very Happy)

2007-12-20 04:02:14 by Studio-X

Here's A Link To My Site!

well theres a link to the site you can play the game straight from the hompage!
Its Called Retroid

Heres The NG link:

First Game Sponsored (Very Happy)